Recording the Past, Supporting the Future

African Ceremonies Inc, our charitable foundation, is dedicated to the preservation of African tribal traditions through the photographic documentation of ceremonies and customs, thereby ensuring that the strength and essence of African culture is preserved for the history of mankind and for the education of future generations.

The Foundation is also dedicated to carrying out community and individual projects, serving the needs of the groups with whom Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have lived.

“During our 30 years in Africa recording traditional ceremonies, we have observed that life relies on a continuing cycle of giving and receiving. Each rite begins with a gift or an offering: survival depends on this basic principle. We, too, have looked for the appropriate ways to reciprocate the support given to us by the communities where we have lived. We found that small projects closely tied to communal and personal needs at grass roots level have made a significant difference to the welfare of the people with whom we have worked.”

Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Current Projects

POKOT, Kenya

MAASAI, Kenya 1. School fees for Pokot Secondary School children whose families cannot afford to continue their studies.
Cost per student per academic year: $315

2. Assistance with tuition fees for University students studying conflict resolution and community development.
Cost per student per semester $1200

3. Pioneering Women’s Initiative to set up kiosk-businesses to generate income in basket weaving, honey making, calabash decoration, and traditional beadwork.
Cost of sponsorship per woman to cover the purchase of raw materials: $500


MAASAI, Kenya 1. Funding for a young Samburu filmmaker to continue his video coverage of conflict resolution among the warring tribes of Northern Kenya
Film funding costs: $500


MAASAI, Kenya1. Wodaabe Jewelry Workshop, originally set up by Carol Beckwith during the famine in 1985 to raise funds to sustain communities in the Sahel during the drought and the annual dry season. The workshop produces traditional jewelry including talisman pendants to increase charm and personality during the courtship season and protect against evil spirits. All proceeds go directly to the Wodaabe.


MAASAI, Kenya 1. Maasai Mbirikani Beadwork Group, set up by Angela Fisher during the drought in 2008 to raise funds to sustain the women and children in the region of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya, during the annual dry season. The group produces traditional collar necklaces, bracelets, anklets, pendants, and beaded bags. Proceeds go directly to the Maasai.

DINKA, Sudan

MAASAI, Kenya 1. Tuition for Dinka student to complete his last year in the Community Development Program at Kampala University,
Cost for completion of an academic year: $3500

How to Contribute

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African Ceremonies Inc is a registered 501C3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.